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their father. >> such a sad, sad moment. not because of just what has been taken from us because of what was taken from everyone else. >> the police chief explained last summer he met him. >> i am here to condemn that senseless act of violence against this man. this man was more than just a number, he was a family member, a son, a dad, a cousin. >> reporter: a plea for information that might explain why. neighbors keep flames burning. >> reporter: the department won't say if the killers left with money or merchandise but they are putting together a reward for any information
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leading to an arrest. jade hernandez. s.w.a.t. served a search warrant this important. the operation started at 5:30 a.m. this morning. commanders would say only it was related to a violent crime recently. neighbors say the raid woke them up. >> they asked me to go to the back of the apartment. that is when they searched. >> police didn't find the person they were looking for but wouldn't provide further details. >> the chp is on parole in oakland, at 6:00 p.m., the impact police believe the extra boots could have on street crime. traffic came to a stop after a pile up after 3:00 p.m. this afternoon on highway 101. news chopper 2 was over head when emergency responders arrived. one person was injured. six cars were involved in that chain reaction accident.
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the crash caused a major backup. it took a few hours for a jury to convict a burglar in the shooting of a 9-year-old. authorities say he kicked in the door of his home in january. as he held him at gun point he broke free, grabbed a gun and the two fired at and injured each other. the jury found him guilty on several charges. he could get life in prison when he is sentenced. >> reporter: police are launching a new crime plan after three deadly shootings in one month. david stevenson is live in san francisco with why the police need help. >> reporter: the supervisor is calling it a crisis. gun violence, some tied to gangs. >> the founder of the name of the city was a man of peace,
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yet we have violence. >> reporter: a prayer for piece this morning for a man shot to death thursday. it was the second of three unrelated fatal shootings last month. >> all the shootings have been gang related. none of them are random acts of violence. >> the killings includes a shooting between rival gangs. >> sadly during the robbery the suspects shot the victim, and he died of his injuries. >> reporter: 5 homicides last year. this year there have been 8. police are stepping up patrols and say they are making strides with getting guns off the streets. >> how do we send a message to the people that are committing
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crimes that there is hope, there are resourcessources and violence is not acceptable. >> reporter: the uptick isn't limited to the mission, police are linking yesterday's shooting to hispanic gangs from union city. david stevenson. california parole officers were out last night making sure halloween was safe for children. they contacted 1700 parolees statewide. here in the bay area, and along the central coast, 252 searches were conducted. 16 arrests. 85 arrests statewide. charges including possession of child pornography, weapons and narcotics. the attorney for a swimming coach labeled the defense response as appalling in a
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lawsuit against the school district over sexual abuse when the coach was a teen. he says the two teachers abused her. one committed suicide the other pleaded guilty. the defense said her negligence contributed to her auburns. the district, the superintendent -- abuse. the district and the superintendent are named as defendant. long road of recovery after superstorm sandy. 90 people in the united states and canada were killed. bringing the total death toll fromicisticist to 100 -- from superstorm sandy to 157. and officials abandon their search for a ship's chapten who is believed -- is happen who is believed -- chapten who is believed to have drawn -- captain who is believed to have drowned.
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in new jersey, the scope of the damage became clear. much of the jersey shore is reduced to piles of sand, water and debris. boats flung from marinas. today people remembered what they endurate and what they lost -- endured and what they lost. >> life and death situation. >> no power. no help. i felt helpless. >> i don't ever think it will be the same. >> chris christie said the state's job is to move from saving lives to rebuilding. >> in new york city commuters struggled to return to work. some service has been restored but 9 subway lines remain shut down today. passengers had to wait in long lines to catch a bus and many walked in. much of manhattan remains in the dark and on staten island
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they continue to search for two little boys who were swept away. >> some are calling for a sea barrier for new york. some warned for years. one professor has designed a wall which he says could be built for $6 billion. long before sandy, new york city officials have been looking at ways to prepare for a storm surge. you probably heard unbelievable stories from back east when it comes to superstorm sandy but now you can see and hear the strength of sandy for yourself. >> oh, my god! >> our trees. >> coming up, see the rest of this tape, including more tumbling trees. >> the relief effort continued today. news channel 5's ken p ken
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joins us now. >> reporter: answer the call of others so that they may prevail. the base commander says the call has come in and help is on the way. >> reporter: this is a c5 on the tarmac at 2:00 a.m. this morning. the largest cargo plane in the u.s. air force fleet was loaded up. they are part of a bigger air cargo assembling in southern california to help victims and communities ravaged by superstorm sandy and the resulting flooding and power outages. it is a huge challenge. >> getting it out and rolling to get them the power and supplies they need. >> reporter: hours ago another c-17 left to join the operation. that includes transport of 59
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utility trucks from southern california edison. >> they will be moving equipment and personnel to upstate new york that will allow us to turn the lights on for the east coast. >> reporter: they will use 5 of the c5 aircraft and a dozen of the c-17s that will transport food and medical aid. >> folks that need medical assistance we can get them to the locations they need to go. >> reporter: they are participating in this mission which is expected to last 1-2 weeks. coming up, bay area volunteers already on the east coast. hundreds of people gathered in san jose in the hope of getting an affordable mortgage. they brought their tax returns and bank statements to the convention center. the neighborhood assistance corporation of america
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organized the save the dream event to help people keep their homes. bank of america, chase and others met with homeowners working to lower their interest rates or lower the principal. >> i have been through a divorce and desperate to change -- lower my interest rate. >> i 82 82 -- i couldn't believe it, they took my loan down to 2%. >> save the dream continues through next monday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. a loss today because of weakness in the upperren markets. sun power posted a lost of 41 cents a share. they estimated a loss of 21 cents a share. before the report was released stock closed up 25 cents a share. on wall street today, positive
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reports on jobs, manufacturing helped push stocks up. the dow is up 136 to 13,232. the nasdaq is up 42 at 3,020. the s&p is up 15 to 1,427. in or out? yes or no. >> governor jerry brown gives voters an ultimatum, we ask if there is another way. >> i am back here at 5:20 p.m., the valley fog returns tomorrow morning, which areas, which highways will have the most fog. i will see you back here.
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the family of a boy shot and killed by police in june filed a lawsuit against the city of south san francisco. the police chief and the officer involved have also been named in the $10 million suit. it alleges he was shot because he was african american. but police say he reached for a
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gun as an officer tried to apprehend im. the district attorney concluded the officer acted appropriately. convicted of first degree murder in connection with a 2008 gang killing. they face 50 years to life in prison. they shot and killed a rival gang member in front of his home. the two hit men were ganging for status and tattoos that come with the killings. the federal trade commission may file a lawsuit against googful violating -- google for violating a lot. they claimed infringement of pattens. and asked the courts to block the decisions by apple and microsoft that used that technology. this technology helps ensure
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things like mobile phone antennas all work together. the price tag for keeping the plant shut down climbed to $317 million. they spent $96 million on repairs and inspection and $221 to purchase replacement power. . there is a hot line for residents of treasure island to call in response to concerns about a toxic clean up project. they set up the hot line after hearing complaints about uncovered work trucks driven on to the liland and there -- to the island. for the second time in two days we are hearing from a shark attack survivor who says they were able to punch the shark away. he came face to face with a
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tiger shark last week. she says she made used of her tae kwon do and punched the shark twice. >> heard kind of like noise. people yelling, like hollywood, you know, you see the big jaws come at you. >> she needed 60-70 stitches for scratches. on tuesday a surfer survived a shark attack. two tax measures that would benefit schools, prop 30 and 38. the governor says voters are facing a choice. approve the tax hike or deal with cuts to schools. ktvu's alex savage is here with one said could happen. >> reporter: if prop 30 goes down trigger cuts go into
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effect and schools might lose $6 billion. the governor said today there is no other option. >> vote yes on 30. >> reporter: he spoken san francisco. >> all these tax dollars are going to the schools. >> reporter: despite the poll showing support under 50%, the governor is confident. >> there are so many polls, if you read them you will have the optimism i do. >> reporter: today the california federation of teachers made a push for prop 30, hanging banners in berkeley but they call it scare tactics. a spokes men suggested they might lesson the blow to schools if 30 fails. >> they are automatic. that is another piece of total miss information.
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they cannot be changed unless the legislator wants to reverse it. >> reporter: he says he doesn't think the governor is bluffing. >> i don't see any other path other than to let the cuts kick in. k-12 already took a 20% hit since the recession. >> reporter: prop 30 has competition, prop 38 would hike taxes for all wage earners. but the poll shows 38 is unlikely to pass. he pointed out the cuts would hit schools hard because they would come in the middle of the school year. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. >> coming up, prop 32 pits unions against corporations. only on 2, where voters are
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split. >> reporter: officials are say -- officials are saying the electricity knocked out by the superstorm sandy might not be back on by tuesday for voting. federal emergency management agency asked the attorneys to be ready to help states make changes if necessary. so far no one indicated they intend to do that. fema's chief said now that search and rescue is over, power is a top priority. >> we are moving into the mass care part of this disaster and that is going to be driven by the power restoration and getting people power back. >> fema said the government plans to pay 100% of the bill to restore power. >> can't get over those pictures. our weather now, rain last
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night. >> some sprinkles today. folks in the north bay, it was wet all night for halloween. we got breaks in san jose, but we saw rain, half inch in the heaviest locations. clear outside right now. where the rain showers have gone, moving off in this direction. light scattered showers, a few drop ins san jose this morning. rainfall accumulation. you can see it decreases as you get south towards san jose. good news about the rain, the thing i like, it really does start to help the fire danger. till we are into had winter and the days -- you know, rain helps. good news there. fire danger high. we can see the wind events. 65 in san raff el. 68 oakland. -- san rafael, 68 oakland.
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highs this weekend, warmer. we will have that in a minute. the weather system rolls off. tomorrow, friday, that is great, well, this is over night. it might drizzle. increasing clouds tomorrow. partly cloudy skies. hazy sunshine. that keeps temperatures mild. like today. not cold. a lot of clouds. that is the story for your friday. cool air and moisture from the storm, dense fog development. not coastal fog. now we are seeing the radiation fog. dense inland. as the temperature drops, that is the dew point. when the temperature drops and reaches the dew point, fog forms. that is the nature of it. tomorrow the dew points will be
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high. dense fog inland. when i come back, 5:45 p.m., we will go to the bay area weekend, and i will show you which day will be the warmest. >> thank you. volunteers headed to the east coast to help. how bay area residents are making a difference to victims of the superstorm sandy. >> oh, my god. >> one tree toppling after another. cell phone video shot during superstorm sandy and it is not just trees falling. see the rest of this video right after the break.
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a new york family witnessed superstorm sandy's power first hand and they captured it on their cell phone. >> oh! oh, my god. [ bleep ] >> our trees. >> our trees. >> it hit your car. oh, my god. oh, my god. >> it hit my car? >> that is something. this video was shot in long island. you can see tree after tree falling in a neighborhood there and it didn't end with the trees. they watched as a home at the end of the street caught on fire. red cross volunteers are heading to the east coast to help the victims of superstorm sandy. >> there is a lot of uncertainty in the people's lives right now and it is very
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hard to know what is going to happen, when it will happen. >> more than 50 volunteers from the bay area are deploying to the east coast. some left this morning. many offered to help after seeing pictures of the devastation and all the people in need. >> very hard. very hard to see it. and your heart goes out to the people involved. that is for sure. >> the red cross is collecting money and coordinating blood donations. many people stepped up to the plate to help the victims. blood donations are up 25% since the storm hit three days ago. there have been a number of jewelry robberies in the bay area, including this one, now investigators want to find out if they are connected to one this week. >> and it is opening day in union city, the one thing this
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transit center has that you can't find anywhere else in the united states.
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complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. >> investigators are asking for help trying to solve a bold violent robbery at a store on the peninsula. a smash and grab robbery at a jewelry store. ktvu's robert handa is live with details on what happened. robert? >> reporter: there doesn't appear to be surveillance video or pictures so now investigators need help to solve the robbery and to find out if this is part of a string
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of robberies. >> reporter: the sherriff's department is seeking the public's help to catch the robbers who hit the store tuesday at noon, smashing glass cases, stealing jewelry and threatening workers. >> there were four of them, they brought hammers and pepper spray. they used the pepper spray. >> reporter: customers today were mad. >> scared me. i am in the store, coming and visiting all the time. >> shocking it happened so close to hope. in this area, very nice area, shocking. >> reporter: it is similar to other robberies in the bay area, including oakland and berkeley. >> investigators are working with others to see if this is
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similar to other crimes. >> reporter: some customers believe it is. >> the way they came in prepared, the mask, the hammers and in and out. it was well thought out. >> reporter: investigators say 4 while males drove off in a new ford gray mustangs. anyone with information is asked to call the sherriff's department. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. the power is back on after a suspected hit-and-run driver crashed into a power pole about 4:00 a.m. the pole was broken and power lines came down near parked vehicles. the chp found the driver and arrested him. police are investigating a halloween night accident involving two trick or treaters. a four-year-old girl and a 10- year-old boy were in a cross walk when they were struck by a vehicle about 7:30 p.m. the children were taken to the
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hospital with non-life threatening injuries. the driver did stop. a woman with a history of stealing has been captured 12 years after she escaped from a prison in southern california. she was caught last week in virginia. she was victed in the south bay and give -- convicted in the south bay and escaped in 2000. new leads that developed are what led to her arrest. u.s. officials said today a cia security team responded within a half hour of the attack in libya that killed u.s. ambassador chris stevens. they said rescuers were told to stand down. the administration has been under fire of offering mixed
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stories. the father said his son defied orders when he went to rescue them. now that the superstorm sandy passed passed the two presidential candidates returned today. >> you know where i stand. you know i am willing to make tough decisions, even when they are not politically convenient. >> 5 days left till the election, the president accused mitt romney of using his talents as a salesman to dress up the policies that failed our country. and president obama said mitt romney would enact tax cuts that favor the wealthy. mitt romney was in virginia. >> i will reach across the aisle and make with good democrats that love american
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and there are good democrats like that. i am going to meet with them once a year -- >> they mocked president obama's idea to create a secretary of business. he said adding another person to the cabinet won't add jobs on main street. >> the campaigns are still asking for money. with 5 days now till the election you may be wondering why there are still so many requests for donations, the money is needed to help get out the vote. >> they are paying stipens to people who are knocking on doors. >> the winner could depend on who does the best job on getting people to vote.
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money isologist needed to -- is also needed to pay off campaign debts. how will you vote? take our facebook quiz and find out how they align with your views. just "like" ktvu channel 2 news on facebook and you will find the quiz under our cover photo. the opening of the surfing contest is now set. organizers say the contest waiting period will begin november 9 and run through march 31. they are hoping for big waves this season. during the past two years they didn't get the waves they needed. union city celebrating at the bart station. leaders attended a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new city center that includes new units of rental housing. she showed off her father's
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creations. there are three sculptures of dancers. >> fun to see this here because the last time it was in the studio of my father in france. >> the development has been underway since 2007. there is good news tonight for job seekers, the positive direction the report reveals. >> and he didn't say a word but the t-shirt sergio romo wore yesterday spoke volumes. what it means to the immigrant community in the bay area.
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today san leandro joined the ban on styrofoam food containers. styrofoam causes pollution because it cannot be recycled. the professional social network linked in beat targets. they are also raising its forecast for how much money
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they expect to raise this year. it connects professionals seeking jobs and companies looking for employees. they posted a net income of $2.3 million during the three months that ended september 30, compared to a loss of $1.6 million a year ago. the nation got good news today. there were 363,000 unemployment applications filed last week and that is down 9,000. private employers added 158,000 jobs last month. that beat forecasts by 15,000 jobs. the index edged up from 68.4 to 72.2 in october. that is the best since feb2008 -- february 2008. tomorrow the government releases the october
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unemployment report. another round of time line changes could be headed to facebook. the new version places all posts on the left and activity updates, friends, places and apps on the right. right now posts are on both sides and many complained it is confusing. facebook says it is testing this time line on a small number of users. who is cheering today and why. >> and back here in a few minutes, talking about valley fog for the morning commute and your bay area weekend, which days will be the warmest.
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the student newspaper at piedmont high school says reports of a fantasy league centered on sex may have been exaggerated. the principal told parents about the league that involved varsity athletes. the student newspaper says many of the incidents may have involved making out instead of intercourse or other acts. the police chief plans to step down next year. he has been leading the department since 2008. he came to walnut creak from san diego. the university of alabama now has its first permanent female president in its 181 year history. the university of alabama board
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named her to the top spot. she is replacing guy bailey. it didn't take long for druse clean up market street following the giants victory parade in san francisco. six dozen workers cleaned up and the 3,000 pounds of confetti that was dropped. more than 1 million giants fans lined the streets. police reported 22 arrests, mostly for drunk and disorderly conduct. and one player's t-shirt, ktvu's john sasaki is live now in san francisco. >> reporter: here at at&t park, the crowds are just memory nows and there are different cheers now because of one t-shirt.
5:46 pm
a scene the bay area won't forget, the shirt sergio romo wore has people talking. i just look illegal. he sat behind sergio romo at the rally. >> i have been discriminated against. i think sergio romo has as well. people feel we could be from mexico and sometimes they feel we are illegal. >> reporter: the shirt resinates at the resource center in the mission. >> definitely very, very proud of sergio romo because he stood for undocumented. >> reporter: the director compared the shirt to another sports moment, the 1968 olympic games where they held up their fists in a black power salute.
5:47 pm
at at&t park, no one would comment on the message. >> closers are different. you saw wilson's out fit and sergio romo. i didn't think about it because i was taking in what was going on. >> sergio romo is a funny guy. he likes the people watching him. we know him. >> reporter: some criticized criticized the shirt saying they disagreed with the shirt or the parade was the wrong venue to express it. hundreds are being printed because they are now back logged. john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. has highlights from the giants parade and interviews with players. click on the world series tab. only on 2 tonight, a new poll shows little voter support for a measure that would man
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corporations or unions from using automatic payroll deductions for campaigns. 50% say they will vote no on prop 32. 34% favor the initiative. 16% are undecided. and coming up at 6:00 p.m., the shift in support among voters when it comes to prop 34. that is the prop that would repeal the death penalty. the city of livermore says it can't be a host anymore. it is one of the biggest bicycling events in the united states. it cost $100,000 to do so. they voted this month against the expense. they say they need to figure out a way to cut costs. drier today than yesterday and our chief meteorologist will tells about another change. >> warm up, especially into the
5:49 pm
bay area weekend, temperatures are heating up for saturday and sunday. but not tomorrow. coastal fog, and valley fog. there is the rain. sprinkles in san jose this afternoon but now it is gone. highs from today. highs tomorrow, not the same. not much different. temperatures did increase. temperatures on the mild side tomorrow. valley fog is the concern for tomorrow morning. not just in the north bay but east bay. even south. why? chilly night and the moisture from the rain lingers. so you have a higher humidity. dew points in the mid-40s and temperatures in the mid-40s. dew points in the south bay, upper 40s. the forecast tomorrow is for clouds to move in over the top of us. not just high clouds but the
5:50 pm
fog tomorrow morning. low visibilities. coastal fog as well. especially on sky line boulevard, when the two fogs merge it is nasty. hard to see. valley and coastal fog and they get real dense. be careful tomorrow. this weather system moves in tomorrow but it misses us and creates clouds. increasing high clouds tomorrow. hazy sunshine. partly cloudy skies. that is your friday. not a bad day. saturday, nicer still, though, as the winds turn off shore. clouds tomorrow morning. more clouds tomorrow afternoon. and then saturday winds going off shore. highs tomorrow, 72. 71 fairfield. friday already here. interesting week. giants, halloween, lot going on. highs. five-day forecast coming up
5:51 pm
now. bay area weekend in view. it was an interesting week in the bay area. >> fall back on sunday. >> thank you. tomorrow morning another retired space shuttle moves to its new home. the shuttle atlantis moves to the kennedy space center visitor complex. it was the last shuttle to orbit earth. it will go on display next summer. paypal says if you buy something online and you use paypal and then find it cheaper, they will refund the difference. has to be an advertised price within 30 days of the purchase. estimated 10,000 of them around the country, talking about puppy mills and the awful conditions dogs are kept in.
5:52 pm
the new rules the government is considering to help put a stop to them. first
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[ music playing ] mexican super star is canceling shows for the rest of the year to have liver surgery, that includes a concert in san jose on the 25th of this month.
5:55 pm
the singer is in houston preparing for the operation. the singer said he is calm and hopeful about the outcome. backing a new proposal that would crack down on puppy mills. >> we estimate there are 10,000 puppy mills in the united states, breeding large number of dogs, treating them like machines. >> the government is considering sweeping new rules that would target online sales. those internet operations can contribute to puppy mills. >> lot of these internet sites are advertising and making it look like everything is great. we have got to pull the curtain back and show them things are miserable for the animals. >> a raid on a puppy mill in
5:56 pm
south carolina shows the need for new regulations. they found 250 puppies. many with infections. the rules would require the them to inspect operations. bids for the highway 4 widening project are coming in lower than expected. officials say if the low bid for fright million dollars -- $48 million bid is lower than expected. they will consider approval november 14. coming up in 2 minutes, as the governor promised help for oakland police officers. we ride along with a officer as they patrol in oakland. >> the argument to repeal the death penalty a poll on which
5:57 pm
way voters are leaning.
5:58 pm
complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. >> good evening. i am. i am julie haener. >> and i am frank somerville. >> tonight pleas from the
5:59 pm
community and authorities have been answered. chp officers are now beginning patrols to shep the oak -- to help the oakland police department. ktvu's mike mibach road long with one officer and live now in oakland. >> reporter: a meeting just getting underway at this chp office in oakland. highway patrol is not disclosing how many officers will be part of this added enforcement but there will be 10 officers partnered up into 5 teams out on the streets tonight. >> reporter: tonight the gate opens on a new detail. chp getting on to oakland city streets. >> i think it has been a bad year. crime wise. >> reporter: last month he asked governor jerry brown for california highway ol

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